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SALT & WATER / Chelsey’s monthly MU Bag 

A new series for 2021: I will be doing “what's in my bag” every month. Some things will change, some will stay the same. From what I am trying new and what naturally changes seasonally. 

So let's get right to it. Like many of you my skin has had a rough winter, with a bout of perioral dermatitis I have  really changed up my skin care and makeup routine to accommodate healing my skin’s surface. More to come on that soon. 

First I got a new bag: it's red. I don't know why but since last summer this white tshirt gal has been loving red. It all started with this red linen dress from Gretta I wore to  my dear friends backyard wedding. I felt so beautiful and the color has been finding me ever since. 

Out of the bag: in no particular order:

  • Kari Gran essential spf tint in medium: this has been the best thing ever for my winter/dry skin 
  • It evens out redness, does not cover my freckles which I love, and is not only glowy but truly hydrating. 
  • Westman Atelier vital skin foundation: i have been playing with this stick for about 6mo. I use it when I need a bit more coverage around my nose or mouth. 
  • Rituel de Fille: under eye concealer: ok so i really like the coverage, it's not too wet, does not crease. It has a very natural finish. I think for me to be in love with it I need to try a lighter color. I don't feel “awake.” TBD. 
  • Fit Glow Beauty night lip serum: I am totally in love. I use it during the day with covid I have stopped using lip conditioners that you have to use your fingers and my all time fav, I save for night time. 
  • Ere Perez: clear brow gel. Its thin coverage is great if I am using a powder underneath for color. 
  • The Brow Gal clear brow gel: this stuff holds them up up up, when i really do my makeup i use this with the tinted fibers for color. 
  • Saie tinted brow: love the little fibers and make them a little bushy, the finish has a nice shine. Very similar to the Brow Gal but less matte. 
  • Jones Road Beauty dark brown shadow: i use this when i am filling in my brows for the real deal mu look. It is a great shadow, liner or brow shade it doesn't move around. 
  • (side bar: yes I am testing a lot of brow products right now. I am on a mission and it is not necessary to have this many in your daily kit) 
  • Kjaer Weis bronzing powder: I like this shade it gives warmth but not so bronzed like I walked into summer. It's a light coverage so I can put my cream blush, highlighter on for a healthy glow and not have texture with layering. 
  • Jones Road eye cream: just a sec is the perfect cream shadow light weight hint of shimmer no fuss 
  • Saie mascara: im sorry friends i am not a fan. Mascara is so personal to your lashes and mine are very fine. This one is rather wet and leaves them laying down. But it doesn't flake or smudge so if you have full lashes you might like it. 
  • Westman mascara: I adore this mascara’s look for about 20 mins. My lashes are looking full and HOT. But it flakes so bad. I have asked a few pals and the same thing happens. So I would stay tuned if they reformulate it will be amazing. 
  • Kjaer cream blush: my one true love that never dies. This blush is flawless, super user friendly with a brush. Perfect winter pick me up. I always come back to this. 
  • Jones Road miracle balm: this is magic skin fairy dust. It has the slightest bit of shimmer, all the glow, but healthy looking, not disco ball. Truly made for all ages. Bobbi nailed it on this one. 
  • Kjaer transcend powder: big shocker, great brow shade for lighter hair, it will not pull orange and for blondes that is a real thing, i also use this as a crease color. Or powder liner for a little definition. 
  • Lash curler
  • Backup contacts 
  • Ere Perez: powder cheek color tokyo. I am in a coral, peachy blush phase. Not a trend, just really enjoying the switch up from rose and pink this month. The more pale my skin tone, the more I need blush to awaken my skin back up. 
  • Kosas big celan mascara: so far in the clean beauty world this one has my vote for best volume. It does not run. It thickens the lashes. For natural looking days I still like the Kjaer one. It's gentle, hydrating and gives my lashes length. 

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