Our Philosophy

We believe that beauty and the pursuit of it, both within ourselves and others, is a cause worthy of a dedicated passion and space.

Since our inception, we have maintained a true dedication to whole-hearted wellness, gentle beauty, and the products and practices that surround it. Our products and methods are vetted by our dedicated team and only introduced after careful consideration and testing. We partner with and carry brands that we believe in, and only in response to a genuine interest and need from our clientele. In addition to beauty and education, we provide restorative hair and body services as well as community engagement retreats and workshops. We aim to provide a place of understanding for all that are interested.

Our Promise

To serve everyone that walks in our shop or inquires online, with dignity, respect, and wholehearted appreciation for the unique being that we all are.

Our team personally tests each of our brands with great care, and only upon approval will you find them available here or in our shop. While we cannot guarantee that everyone will be satisfied, it is our hope that our selection of products takes into account as many skin and hair tones, types, and wellness categories that we feel we can serve responsibly and to the best of our knowledge. We are a small shop, but we are mighty passionate about people, our planet, and our impact on both.


Our Team

We are a woman-owned, woman run shop, dedicated to an inclusive way of living, thoughtful treatment of others, and an appreciation of beauty rituals in our daily practices.

Each of our team members is multi-faceted and our paths have crossed in various ways throughout our life. We believe in serendipity, kindness above all else, and a fierce dedication to finding a better way in beauty. We welcome pop-up experiences and enjoy hearing your stories each time you enter our shop or interact with us online.

Dalinda Cox
An esthetician trained in all things beauty. From lash extensions to Ayuna facials her gentle spirit guides a relaxing moment for all her treatments.

Chelsey Ann
Makeup artist, founder. Curating makeup and skincare for the beauty in all of us.

Ali Earnheart
Her clean minimal approach to hair keeps scalp and hair integrity at the forefront of all she does. From teaching to weddings, coloring to styling her knowledge of hair care gives her a unique point of view.

Lisa Grady
Our cheerleader spirit guide. Trained yoga instructor and wellness expert. She can guide you through products as well as teach you to move.

Layla Dorsey
Interior designer turned part time shop gal pal. She packs some major knowledge in her sweet spirit, and we are happy to have her.